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Meet the Members

Discover women-owned and co-owned businesses right here in Centre county.

Members of WiNGs

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Alissa Yamasaki


Having had a busy practice as a psychologist since 2008, Alissa realized that she could only help as many people as she had hours in the day. Rather than be limited, she opened Ayama Psychotherapy LLC in 2016. The business reflects her value in intentional practices, compassion and appreciation of overall health.

Ayama is a forward-thinking group practice specializing in helping people with anxiety, life stress and insomnia. Therapies used are up-to-date and address individual needs, while drawing heavily from empirical evidence of what works.

When she’s not in a therapy room with a client, you can find Alissa mentoring interns, consulting with other professionals or just taking time to breathe and hang out with her family. Her favorite thing to do is share a laugh with others.


Facebook:  @ayamapsychotherapy

LinkedIn: @alissa-s-yamasaki-phd

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Amanda Cruz


Amanda is owner of The Gourmet Girl Personal Chef Service which provides menu planning, grocery shopping and personalized meal prep for busy families in the State College area as well as cooking instruction for children and adults. 



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Elizabeth Hay


Elizabeth is the majority owner of TechKnowServ Corp, a local engineering firm in State College.  TechKnowServ specializes in NDT Services and Education.  TechKnowServ is a spin off of another engineering company owned by her and her husband WavesInSolids LLC.  Both engineering firms work in government contracting, research SBIR, and commercial services.  In 2012 TKS launched it's first
NDT Training class and now offers a ride range of certification classes as another area of it's business.

In 2019 Elizabeth was able to reduce her time at TKS and join the Penn State SBDC. She now wears both hats as both an entrepreneur and a business advisor. 



SBDC Email:

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Karen Stoner


Karen Stoner, LMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist, who holds the designations of Certified Fertility Massage Therapist, Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, and Certified Infant Massage Therapist/Instructor.

She has been the owner of A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy since 2003.

A classically trained ballerina, she graduated cum laude from the Hartt School of the University of Hartford with a degree in Children's Dance Pedagogy, then enjoyed a short professional dance career before an injury forced her into an early retirement.

Karen holds over 1300 hours of training and is one of the few Massage Therapists in Centre County who holds advanced certification and specializes in Prenatal, Fertility, and Infant Massage, plus offers Infant Massage Instruction for parents who want to learn how to use massage therapy’s benefits for their own children. The clients she has worked on range from newborn babies to professional football players.

In addition to owning A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy, she also keeps her dance skills alive as an instructor at the Central PA Dance Workshop.

A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy
PA License #MSG001007

Phone:  (814) 235-1236

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Janejira Kalsmith


An urbanite, traveled to over twenty countries throughout the world currently resides in State College, PA. Janejira Kalsmith is passionate about teaching and showing participants authentic Thai and Italian cuisines. At Janejira's Kitchen, all classes are remote and open to everyone as long as they have access to Asian ingredients.

In class, Janejira takes you on a mini journey abroad to show you the creative possibilities that you can conjure up right in the comfort and safety of your home kitchen. The tried and tested recipes from her family's restaurants in Chicago, coupled with the specially prepared meal kits, including homegrown exotic herbs and spices that are not available locally, makes Janejira's Kitchen a unique business in town.

Phone:  (814)769-0376

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Lauren Newton


Lauren has been working in the web industry for 14 years. She started her business in early 2021 after 5 years of freelance SEO experience and 14 years of web design. Through these services, she helps businesses build and grow their online presence organically.

She offers Web Design, UX and local SEO services. Whether a business needs a local presence with a well designed, intuitive website or simply needs an audit and guidance on a solid online strategy, she is here to help.


liz m.webp

Liz Moriarta


We clean for businesses and property managers. We partner with your office manager or building supervisor for daily, weekly, monthly or 1-time cleaning and carpet cleaning. Delivering high-quality, headache-free service from professionals is our passion. We also clean residential carpets. Got pets? Got dirty carpets? Let us give it a try before you replace...customers are often amazed! It is a pleasure to service the State College and surrounding areas since 2008 with our commitment to quality and service.


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Maryellen Moen


Maryellen Moen is a National Marketing Director with The Juice Plus Company. After overcoming her own health issues, her passion for the last 9 years has been helping others feel good about themselves as they make simple changes that will keep them on a permanent path to a healthier lifestyle. She helps individuals protect their health and wellbeing by simplifying their nutrition through education and encouragement while teaching them how to “Take Healthy Back!” one simple change at a time. She also helps those interested secure their financial future!

Please contact her for a personal consultation or to be invited to one of her local health lectures, free boot camps or “Healthy Living” workshops!


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Pam Asencio


I started my Grace and Heart sterling silver jewelry because I wanted the freedom and financial rewards of working for myself doing something that I love. It gives me flexibility everyday to lunch with girlfriends, take lots of vacations and attend all of my kids functions near and far. I'm earning full time pay working part time and having a blast doing it. I'm a single mom of three amazing kids.


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Tracy Sepich


Tracy Carpenter Sepich is an Optometrist who provides personalized services to all her patients and offers a professional optical boutique.  In addition to eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Sepich provides medical optometric care for patients with Diabetes, Glaucoma, Dry Eye, eye injuries, or other medical eye problems. Additionally, her practice is specially designed to treat patients with vision related learning problems, concussions, brain injury, or partial vision, through rehabilitation.  She treats people of all ages and abilities. 

Tracy is a graduate of State High and Penn State. She earned her Doctor of Optometry degree as well as a Masters in Vision Rehabilitation from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. She is a wife, mother of four, active community volunteer and the founding partner of Restore Eye Care and Eye Gym, located in Gray’s Centre.



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Becca Beck


Becca is a Movement Teacher specializing in Pelvic Floor and Core Health. Through a whole-body approach I help people to engage their core effectively, gain body literacy, and have a pelvic floor that is responsive and reflexive. I am a certified Restore Your Core®️ teacher and offer 1:1 coaching sessions as well as group classes. I came to this work after looking for ways to help with my own prolapse and diastasis recti and feeling really unsupported by my OBGYN. I was told it was "what to expect after pregnancy." When I found RYC®️ and its wholistic approach I knew immediately I wanted to bring this work to Centre Co and help others who felt lost in how to move forward with core and pelvic floor dysfunction.



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Rebecca Elman


I am a personal chef and caterer providing high quality local and seasonal cuisine



Phone: 646-318-0825

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Stephanie Gordon


J. Gordon Financial:  Is a full-service Financial Services company.  They blend a passion for their work with a deep care for those they serve.
Money affects nearly every aspect of our lives, and because of this, they seek to get to know you: what you value most, what you’re passionate about, and the people you love. As they build mutual trust and a strong relationship together, their team is best prepared to guide you and care for your wealth in the manner that’s right for you.

Stephanie Gordon is a professional with more than 20 years of sales experience in the aluminum and software industries. 

She started her sales career in the metal industry.  After taking some time off to be a full-time mom, she found an opportunity to join the development team at Penn State University Athletics program. Prior to joining J. Gordon Financial as Director of Business Development, she was part of a statistical software sales team selling the platform in the U.S. and Canada.

She earned an ASB in Marketing Management. She attended Penn State University, St. Francis University and South Hills School of Business and Technology.

In her free time, she loves being outdoors. Some of her hobbies including camping, boating, and golfing.  In addition to her business partner and husband Joe, they have two daughters attending Penn State University.



Phone: 814-321-3292

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Christina Hallett


Crumbkowski is a bakery based out of a licensed home kitchen. I have a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, and run all aspects of my business. I participate in local farmers markets as well as pop up events at local businesses, and I make items to order. I got my license about 18 months ago, and this is my full-time gig. 



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Ellen Matis


Hello Social Co. is a social media marketing agency based in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, that works with destination brands nationwide. Using our signature approach to social media marketing, we seek to make an economic impact in the areas our clients serve through social storytelling.



Phone: 315-877-5869

Meet the Women: Meet the Team
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Sarah Zappe

Kaleidoscope PA LLC

Kaleidoscope PA is a transformative art wellness community located in State College, PA. Our mission is simple yet profound: to inspire and empower individuals to embrace the artist within themselves. At Kaleidoscope PA, we believe that art is for everyone, and with a growth mindset, anyone can unleash their creative potential.


Our commitment to promoting well-being through art extends beyond just providing a creative outlet. We firmly believe in the power of research-based approaches, drawing from psychology and education, to optimize the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. Our art workshops and events are thoughtfully designed to incorporate evidence-based practices that have been shown to enhance mental well-being and foster personal growth.


We understand that the environment in which we create can significantly impact our artistic journey. That's why we are delighted to offer many of our workshops in some of the most inspiring locations in the State College area. Embracing the belief that art and nature are inseparable, we often take our creativity beyond traditional studio walls and venture into the beauty of the outdoors.


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Samantha Welch

The Samantha Welch Group with RE/MAX Centre Realty

As a Centre County native, I have intimate knowledge of State College and the surrounding areas. I know how important it is to find the right agent for your client referrals. I treat each client individually and ensure I know their wants and needs. I invest everything to ensure they have a smooth buying or selling experience. I am a full time realtor, and I am building my business by referral and repeat clients. I highly value creating a lifelong relationship and creating an experience that my clients will forever remember. Communication is my top priority and I provide weekly updates to all my clients during a transaction. I provide full transaction management, and will be an advocate for my clients throughout the process. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, my two dogs and hunting. I love the outdoors and I am passionate about giving back to my community. With having a background in finance and accounting, my attention to detail will be in every part of my business to ensure a smooth process.


Cell: (814)810-7590


Maggie Sopic

ReCenter; Chiropractic Wellness and Functional Medicine, PLLC

 I am a board-certified Chiropractic Doctor with a specialization in Functional Medicine, leading my practice, ReCenter; Chiropractic Wellness and Functional Medicine, in Boalsburg, PA, since August 2023. At ReCenter, I take a holistic approach to health, blending chiropractic care with innovative Functional Medicine techniques. My mission is to educate and empower individuals, encouraging them to take control of their health journey. My practice is a welcoming community for all, dedicated to providing personalized care that addresses the root causes of health issues, not just the symptoms. With a focus on musculoskeletal and chronic conditions, I strive to create individualized treatment plans that support both physical and overall well-being, fostering a path towards sustainable, optimal health for every patient.





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Anita Woodman

Anita Ferraco Woodman, LLC

As a former co-founder of the Pennsylvania Business Central business journal and (both now under new ownership), I understand the challenges organizations face. My current entrepreneurial adventure involves developing an invention with OriginLabs. My passion for improving business processes to improve employee experience and the business bottom line is the focus of my LLC. I delight in guiding clients through the process of crafting winning strategies and ensuring smooth execution to optimize operations. I am a full time Project Manager for Penn State IT and have a B.S and M.S in Industrial Engineering.



Terri Breindel

Happy Valley Business Brokers

I own Happy Valley Business Brokers in State College, PA. I assist individuals that want to sell their business to prepare their business for sale, market their business, and facilitate the sale between the lawyers, bankers, etc. I can also help individuals that are contemplating selling to value their business and work on action plans to increase the value before bringing it to market.


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Felicia Dionisio Hetzman

Virtual Ad Group

Virtual Ad Group is an award-winning, full-service agency with more than two decades of experience developing and executing bold, memorable, and effective digital and traditional marketing solutions for businesses and organizations. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, franchises, TV networks, financial institutions, automotive groups, and health-care providers.

We help our clients identify their most profitable target market, craft compelling stories and messaging tailored specifically to those customers, position their service as an indispensable necessity, and streamline the engagement process to improve ROI. Our toolbox includes expert copywriting and editing services, motion design, videography, video editing, studio design, website development and design, and technology services.



Phone: 561-702-2156


Kerri Zelman

Boalsburg Yoga & Wellness

Kerri is a massage therapist and yoga teacher specializing in trauma-informed somatic healing including therapeutic yoga and myofascial bodywork. As owner of Boalsburg Yoga & Wellness she manages events, classes and trainings at the studio in support of her mission to steward a space for community, healing and creativity.




Board of Directors

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Elizabeth Hay


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Sarah Zapp

Vice President

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Amanda Cruz


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Maryellen Moen


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Pamela Asencio


Meet the Women: Meet the Team
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