The Olive Branch Mentoring Program

Olive Branch Mentoring

Aim ~~ To extend an Olive Branch symbolically ~~

To extend a gesture of encouragement to women and young women who are known to us through associations with home, business or community.

In selecting a woman or young woman to mentor, we elect to invite them to attend a special meeting, or a regular meeting of WiNGs in order to be introduced to a community of women who are available to encourage, share and foster their personal or business aspirations. 

            They need not be scholars of note.

            They need not be privileged or exceptional in talent.

They might be noticed for their thoughtful nature or for some act or effort that called them to the attention of a member.

If they elect to come to a meeting they may bring their mother or a teacher or a friend if they so choose and their parents permission is requested. 

A girl or woman may be recommended by a sister, friend, business associate or other trusted person known to a member through introduction and meeting with her at least once herself before the invitation is extended to attend the meeting. 

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